Its time to bring every local business in your city online into one easy-to-use Multi-Vendor Marketplace platform.

All Local Initiative

The need to have local businesses in one marketplace has never been more clear.  During the pandemic many local businesses have been scrambling to get a online store operational (costing thousands), or even worse, have been forced to close altogether.  Their customers are getting their essentials from the mainstream multinational marketplaces that favor large corporations and even foreign manufactures.

The Problem

Major online seller marketplaces have dominated national and international shipped product sales, but have not yet mastered the art of local sourcing and local pickup and delivery.  Also having a single Business website poses more challenges for businesses find new customers. 

The Solution

Mercata lets you easily setup a community marketplace that is only for use within a city’s limits.  This empowers local businesses to sign up and offer their products at the local level.  Curbside pickup and delivery are now within their reach!

Mercata: A World-Class Platform

Multi vendor marketplaces have been around for years.  E-Bay and Amazon are two names that come to mind when people think about ordering from a marketplace online.   But why not go to your own city’s online marketplace?  Because it doesn’t exist right? Our team at Kapptive Studios has developed a turn-key marketplace platform that entrepreneurs, online media outlets or even city leaders can partner with to get local businesses back to work.

Fast & Easy Work

Our white label system is really simple to setup in your city. Use your own domain, commission rates, and logo.  We will take care of the rest.

Create Result

Sign up businesses to sell as vendors on your city marketplace, and help them to promote customer traffic to their store.


Mercata offers 3 main ways for businesses to offer their products and services online in a community based online marketplace.

Local Shop Vendors

Just like amazon businesses can create an online store profile within the platform to sell their goods or services.  Transactions happen on the marketplace itself and notifications of orders are automatically sent to the vendor and customer.  Vendors get a dedicated dashboard they can log into to take advantage of the easy to use  ecommerce tools we have available.  Curbside pickup and delivery options are integrated and are part of the setup processes for vendors.  We have created a simple tool to “walk through” vendors during signup to make it an effortless process (typically 1-2 hours from start to having an online store). 

Restaurant Ordering

Mercata’s restaurant ordering service includes a real-time order management system, which allows restaurants to manage incoming orders on a tablet.  Since the Mercata prototype has gone live in late spring, it has already transacted over $90,000 in food delivery orders for restaurants alone.  Restaurants prefer Mercata over Skip The Dishes because the fees are only 5%, versus 30% while still getting the same great user experience


Much like ebay, we have included auctions as a component for businesses and users to sell their items on the marketplace in an auction format.  The popularity of platforms like Facebook auctions has been growing with the general public, but it lacks the necessary infrastructure to conduct auctions professionally. 

Measurable Economic Impact

Mercata is designed to give in depth analysis of economic revenues generated by the platform.  

Empower Local Business

Going digital has never been more important, and giving local business a community based marketplace is a win for everyone. 

Achieve your goals

Mercata fosters economic growth for communities by driving local consumers to a single online marketplace.

Build Stonger Relationships with Your Local Businesses

Synergy is created between local businesses by leveraging each other’s web traffic for mutual exposure.



Our platform is custom coded by our team to perform on desktop and mobile.  Customizations can be made by request. 


Store Insights with Reports
and Statements. Vendors can see store sales report in details and also get a complete overview of their store’s performance

Easy Withdraw System

We use Stripe to manage all sales and automatic payments.  Each sale on the system; Mercata will accept payment from the customer, deduct the admin fees and instantly pay out the balance to the seller.


Charge commission globally, by vendor, or on a single product. A fair commission model allows all parties to share the success of your marketplace!

Coupons and discounts

Let your individual sellers manage their own coupons for their own store. 

Online Restaurant Ordering

Mercata’s restaurant ordering is second to none. We allow customers to order hot foods through the marketplace and restaurants get a custom tablet dashboard to manage incoming orders. 

Each store is separate

Every store can individually customise their own settings, branding, pickup and delivery options, open times, etc. 

Support Ticket System

Each vendor can chat and answer questions from customers in the store admin messaging system dashboard. 

Followers and notifications

Customers can follow their favourite stores and our system will notify them when there are new announcements and when there are new products added.


Sellers can choose to offer products in 24 hour to 1 month long formats and have all the tools to give buyers a amazing user experience.

Separate Checkout Systems

Our maketplace uses seperate checkout systems whether a customer in shopping for products or for restaurant items. 

Android and iOS

We are furthering development of our platform to be downloadble on Google play and the App Store. 

Ready To Get Started?

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Here is a live marketplace built on our platform. To get a more indepth demo please contact us for more information.

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